Cable Laid Grommet

A cable-laid grommet is a sling in the form of an endless loop. The ends of the wire rope are spliced into the grommet through a process called Hawser splicing. The wire rope used is 6×36 IWRC (14/7/7+7+1) 1960 MPa steel wire rope.

A cable laid grommet has the advantage of higher ultimate strength and flexibility in confined spaces, compared to a single strand grommet.

A safety factor of 8:1


Cable Laid SWR Grommet Table



Wire rope slings are ideal for lifting, hoisting, towing or anchoring loads, where a variety of heavy loads and rugged conditions exist, due to their strength and flexibility. Their uses involve Wire rope slings cost less and are lighter than chain slings, which has an advantage when long lengths are required. Should the rope become damaged, the undamaged hardware can be reused. Different wire rope configurations and different sling construction provide differing strength and flexibility, fatigue, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Keep in mind: wire rope slings are not repairable, can be susceptible to corrosion, and has a low strength to weight ratio. They are not as durable or flexible as chain slings and are more difficult to inspect. Misuse can cause kinking, abrasion or crushing which results in structural damage and loss of strength. They are less tolerant of extreme temperatures than chain slings.

Toco Lifting (Pty) Ltd prides ourselves on our quick turnaround time in our in-house assembly of steel wire rope slings, made to order in accordance with your needs. Our slings are certified with full traceability.

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