Synthetic Rope

Toco Lifting supplies a wide variety of synthetic rope, manufactured by braiding together different types of fibres in a number of different designs to suit many applications, from mining, construction, sports, fishing and seafaring. To assist you in choosing the best rope for your needs we have listed the various features and usage per rope type, but should you require further assistance our experienced staff are always happy to advise you.


Three-Strand Hawser Laid Rope

ProductFeaturesMost Common Uses
Manilla Rope
A natural fibre rope, manufactured in three grades to SABS DIN and ISO specifications.
- Grade 1
- Grade 2
- Super Grade
Good abrasion resistance
Good flexibility with low stretch
Extremely durable
Firm grip
High moisture absorption
Low resistance to acids
In pulley blocks
Cargo nets
Rope ladders
Hawser applications
Lashing loads
Sisal Rope
A natural fibre rope manufactured from Sisal Fibres to SABS specifications. Economical and durable
Oiled grade lubricated for longer life
High moisture absorption
Low resistance to acids
Tarpaulin ties
Barrier ropes
Tent lines
Decorative purposes
Cotton Rope
A natural fibre rope manufactured to SABS specifications.Soft fibres make it easy to handle
Secure grip
Tent lines
Barrier ropes and cattle halters
Gymnasiums and boxing rings
Polypropylene Rope
A synthetic fibre rope made from a split-film extruded tape.Resistance to most acids
Reasonably abrasion resistant
Not water absorbent and doesn't rot
Low stretch factor
UV resistant and floats - gravity is 0.91
Rope blocks
Cargo nets and securing
Fishing applications
Heaving lines
Nylon Rope
A synthetic fibre rope manufactured from nylon fibres and heat set for greater tenacity.High shock absorption
Lightweight with high elasticity
Strong and durable
Good abrasion resistance
Low moisture absorption
Resistant to mould, mildew, fungus and most alkali
Safety belt lines
Shipping and fishing industry
Anchor lines
Yachting applications
Decorative purposes


Braided Ropes and Cords

ProductFeaturesMost Common Uses
Eight Strand Plaited Rope
Also known as Square Line or Flexply rope. Mostly made in polypropylene, nylon and manilla.Greater flexibility than 3-strand rope
Does not kink
Does not spin under load
Capstan ropes
Mooring ropes on ships
Ski Rope
A polyethylene braided rope.Strong and flexible
Quick and easy to splice
UV resistant
Available in a wide range of colours
Farming applications
Camping and household use
Water sports and boating
Yacht Rope
A polyester braided rope.High strength and low stretch
UV resistant
Marine applications
Yachting rope
Cotton Solid Braid and Cotton Sashcord
PliableAwnings & venetian blind cords
Flat ropes, lacing, skipping rope
Nylon Cords
Made in a Basket Braid, Solid Braid or Flat Braid.Very strong and durableBlind, curtain& draw cords
Boating applications
Plastic Twine
Low breaking forceGeneral purposes


Agricultural Twines

ProductFeaturesMost Common Uses
Polypropylene Twines
Carcass twine
Agri twine
Baler twine
Roto Baller twine
Mine twines
UV stabilised and low stretch
No moisture absorption
Good resistance to acids & chemicals
Tomato twine
Tunnel farming
Carcass tying
Mining applications
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