Shortening Clutch

Shortening Clutch for chain sizes 7mm to 16mm


Chain slings are extremely tough, flexible, durable, and can tolerate extreme temperatures. They are highly customizable and can be assembled with a variety of different links, hooks, lengths and adjustability. They do, however, tend to be relatively heavier and pricier than other types of slings. Chain slings are great for repeated lifting of heavy loads. A high tensile, grade 80 chain is most commonly used, however, we also assemble grade 100 chain slings. Toco services include repairing, load testing and recertifying chain slings. We are happy to assist you to determine the best variation to suit your specifications.


Common chain sling assemblies:

  • Single Chain Sling
  • Double or Two Leg Chain Sling
  • Triple or Three Leg Chain Sling
  • Quad or Four Leg Chain Sling
  • Endless Chain Sling


Clevis Type Shortening Clutch


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